Caldwell Spending of Marshal’s Office Funds


Shreveport City Marshal Charlie Caldwell has answered, in part, several public records requests dealing with how his administration has expended funds of the City Marshal’s office. Since January 1, 2009, Caldwell has charged more than $2,100 for food and/or alcohol at Shreveport/Bossier establishments, including 2 charges at the Comedy Club, on his City Marshal credit card. 

Caldwell has charges at Copelands (3x), Bistro Byronz (2x), Superior’s Steak House (5x), Cantina Laredo, Ristorante Guiseppe, and Olive Street Bistro; many of these charges are most likely for alcohol, due to the relatively small amount. Caldwell also frequented Piccadilly (3x), Chili’s (3x), Yeero Yeero (2x), and Waffle House (2x), among other local restaurants.

Caldwell and his staff have attended several conferences of the National Constable Association. Records produced reveal that the Marshal’s office paid for registrations of spouses and children of deputy marshals at several of these gatherings– of these gatherings–at a cost in excess of $5,000. More expenses will probably be revealed when complete records are provided, as it is common knowledge that on the expensive junkets to Tucson, Arizona and Destin, Florida that spouses and girl friends attended free, and stayed in facilities paid for with Marshal Office funds.-This is NOT a picture of Charles Caldwell, it is only a symbolic image.

Caldwell has been less than forthcoming in providing financial information dealing with his administration. To get full discovery, an investigation by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor will be needed, and a request to that office has been made for that purpose.  What is publicly known about Marshal Caldwell’s administration is not only disappointing, but also potentially bordering on malfeasance, if not criminal. A list of deputy marshals who took family on trips at taxpayer expense will be published shortly.

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