Misconduct and Corrupt Practices Allegations – Bossier Parish School Board


Reports have surfaced involving the coercive practices of some staff members within the Bossier Parish School System. Parents of members of the Parkway Girls Cross Country Team report that their daughters were required to participate in the wearing of candidate T-shirts and canvassing of neighborhoods to distribute campaign material.

An official investigation has not been established by any government entity, but there is a list of involved students and faculty/coaches. Additionally, communications with staff members at the school board office are being documented. No official comment has been made by either the politician involved or anyone in the school system.

Students, parents or citizens who were aware of this activity will be part of the continuing investigation. The details of State laws violated are quite clear and carry a penalty of up to five years imprisonment plus fines.

§ 134.3. Abuse of office <Section effective August 15, 2011. See, also, section effective until August 15, 2011.>

Details of law