CPSB “Watches” your Tax Dollars: $1.516 Million in Legal Fees!


Shreveport Attorney Reginald “Reggie” Abrams and/or his firm Abrahms & LaFargue have collected $1,516,717.20 from the Caddo Parish School board since being named the Attorney for the Board since the school year 2008 to date. In a Freedom Of Information request from attorney John Settle regarding payments for legal services this information was released. The associated document was faxed to Mr. Settle’s office. (Download PDF)

Recently, I e-mailed you about the Caddo Parish School Board’s near-billion-dollar tax haul over the past decade.  That data was made available by SheriffSteve Prator in response to a public records request.

Our thanks to attorney John Settle for his like August 30, 2011 request of the Caddo Parish Schools.  John asked for the total paid to the system’s attorney, Reggie Abrams, since 2008.  In response, Superintendent Gerald Dawkins wrote the letter attached to this e-mail.  In fiscal years 2008 through 2011, the Caddo public school system paid Mr. Abrams more than $1,500,000.

A public school board and administration concerned about public support would take the time to explain such legal fees.  It is particularly important in this case, since Mr. Abrams came by this annuity several years ago – with much fanfare and numerous promises – when the then-Board and superintendent proclaimed the importance of “spreading the legal services around,” and “lowering the total amount paid for legal work”.

We don’t know from this request if there are other attorneys working for the system as well, and, if so, just how lucrative this gig might be for those others.

Times are tough, and will likely get much tougher.  Good jobs are few and public spending – in other places, at least – is under pressure.  Jiminy Christmas!!! … how much would our public school system be taxing and spending if times were good?!

Thank you for your interest.


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