CPDSB Documents for Public Review


August 23, 2011, Shreveport– The CPSB is required to provide to the public documents of budgeting, spending and records of transactional documents for all monies in their control. Employees have gone to jail for mishandling school club funds and monies collected thru the school board jurisdiction. John Settle, local attorney representing public interests, has repeatedly filed Freedom of Information requests to School Board Superintendent, Dr Dawkins, for specific data related to school records. To the extent that auditors have been brought in to track smaller amounts of money based in one school building, and the recent convictions in the Bossier School Board system regarding the air conditioning contracts, we would think that the millions of dollars in the CPDSB (CADDO PARISH DUNCE SCHOOL BOARD) would warrant greater scrutiny.

Drunken sailors quit spending and drinking when they run out of money, but not the CPDSB!

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The issues in question should not affect the operation of school building based operations at the start of the school year. However, the draconian actions from the central office
in breaking up well-trained staff relationships, principals, secretaries and records keepers at the building level, is paramount to treason. The replacement of secretaries and records personnel, and bringing lesser-trained substitutes one or two weeks prior to the start of school at EVERY ONE of the 70+ campuses for a net savings of very little money should be grounds for termination of the responsible Midway personnel. Dr. Dawkins and the CPDSB allowed a gross injustice to be perpetrated on the citizens of Caddo Parish.
The inability of these leaders to comprehend the chaos they were imposing on dedicated professionals is a blow to the morale of the populace. Parents, business owners, tax payers of all strata should recognize the harm to the property values, community infrastructure and future of the children affected by this pompous display of heavy-handed manipulation. In this scheme of reasoning, no sane manager could empathize with the displacement of senior staff and brutal savagery to school morale for marginal savings. But the CPDSB must be obeyed! The fearless leader, Dr. Dawkins, who hasn’t even turned in his own contract, can strut the halls with impunity as he waltzes out the door to his next “Superintendency.”

He may be punch drunk, but like the energizer bunny, he's wound up and keeps pushing the same story...

Those who have made the conscious commitment to build A Better Shreveport will remain, to pick up the pieces, support the dedicated school-based employees and hope that the next round at Midway is more productive. You guys who are still in the trenches, hold the line! All is not lost. We support you.

Your Fearless Servant,
Bob Forward

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