Cat Island may be Slipping Away…


As a boat approaches Louisiana’s Cat Island, a young pelican nesting well into the season sounds the alarm, calling out for a parent that flew away from the nest.

The cry for help may as well be for the island itself.

A young pelican sits on a nest near dying mangrove trees (John Snell)

(Full Report & Images) This tiny stretch of real estate — where birds were like poster children during the BP oil spill — is steadily melting into the Gulf of Mexico.

The pelicans here were among the first to be oiled in the weeks after the Macondo well blowout — and were some of the most photographed in the months that followed.

“It’s getting worse and worse everyday,” said a shocked Dave Cvitanovic, who was piloting his boat in May of 2010 when he discovered oil lapping at the shoreline.

A smaller island, half a mile away, had been roughly the size of a football field.  Now, it’s more like a carport.

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