There Will Always Be Idiots…


There now appears to be a third wave of post-prison publicity for The Silver Zipper. (As found)
The first wave was when Edwin Edwards was released from the slammer, to the news that his toadies in the Acadia Parish courthouse gang were going to install him as Grand Marshal of the Crowley Rice Festival, that he had a new job working for state Democrat party chairman Buddy Leach but not to do anything political and that he’d found a new blonde chippy and he was engaged.

Wave Number Two came when he finished his turn on parole, subsequently got hitched to the abovementioned blonde chippy and threw himself a fundraiser at which the aging sleazebags who supped at his gubernatorial table before the Justice Department condemned the feast gladly ponied up $250 for the privilege of his company, and threw in a press conference at which he proclaimed himself a victim of journalistic malpractice – he wasn’t convicted of selling casino licenses, see, but rather extortion. And by the way he never profited off the people of Louisiana, dontcha know.

That was a couple of weeks ago. Now it appears Wave Number Three is breaking along our receding coastline.

That’s because of a Facebook page which has hit the state’s collective consciousness.

WWL Radio has the story

(Which of these three hasn’t spent time in a pen?)