Losing our coast… again?


Thank you Bob for allowing us to utilize your site to pass along important information for every Louisiana citizen and citizens everywhere who recognize the value of our coastline.

Growing concerns are finally starting to boil over and our worst fears are starting to be realized with these “Tea Party” folks who have taken hostage our Congress – and it appears their next casualty is the funding to restore our coastline.

In the following report you will see why we are deeply concerned about this because it has taken years, under the leadership our own Senator Landrieu and before her Senator Breaux, to get us as far as we have come with respect to Louisiana finally getting our fair share of the offshore oil revenues.  However, as you will see in this report funding currently on the table is now in question, along with potentially billions of dollars in funding that Louisiana deserves in order to move us forward.

Please read this report now, share it with a friend, post it on Facebook… get the word out. Act NOW, while all the members of Congress are on recess and back in the state.  They must hear from YOU! 

Too much is at stake for us to turn a blind eye while this uncontrolled Tea Party destroys our state.  I am going to stand up… are you with me?

Concerned for our future, I am…


Claude “Buddy” Leach
Chairman, Louisiana Democrats