Caddo Parish property tax collections over the eleven most recent years have included slightly under one billion dollars – $965,187,426 to the Caddo Parish School Board.  That revenue to the CPSB does not include funds from it’s dedicated 1.5% sales tax, nor from its state and federal revenue.  The CPSB’s ten-year property tax haul from parish homeowners and businesses jumped 62.3% during the period, from $69,779,341 (2001-02) to $113,284,958 (2010-11).  
The amount paid in property taxes to CPSB rose each year, and outstripped inflation:  annual increases ranged between a low of +1.0% between 2008-09 / 2009-10, to a high of +11.1% between 2007-08 / 2008-09.  The average annual increase in property taxes paid for Caddo public schools was +5.2%.
This dramatic property tax hike occurred in spite of stagnant population, and continuing declines in enrollment and student performance:
…..  enrollment dropped -6.8%:  from 45,221 in October 2001 (Louisiana Department of Education data shown here) down to 42,142 in February 2011 (LDE data shown here); 
…..  U. S. Census data show the Caddo Parish population stagnating between 2000 (252,161) and 2010 (254,969) – an increase of 1.1%, compared to the 9.7% national population growth rate; and,
…..  student performance declined, as detailed in yet another LDE report (report shown here; click first to select the Report entitled “Districts-at-a-Glance,” then select Caddo from the parish list).
(The new data on to-the-penny actual CPSB property tax collections and disbursements for the past ten years was made available by Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator in response to a public information request.  Louisiana sheriffs are also tax collectors for their respective parishes, and are paid a 1% collection fee by the government entities for which taxes are collected.)
In 2009-2010 – the most recent single year of LDE reporting – total revenue for Caddo public schools was just below a half-billion-dollars, $473,226,986.  Broad category sources and amounts were  $213,750,595 in state (Minimum Foundation Program) funding, $189,136,730 from all local funding sources, and $70,399,661 from federal sources.  (LDE data here
In the mix of all tax sources in 2009-2010, the LDE shows (data shown here) property taxes are the single-largest source of tax revenue, generating $106,251,795 for Caddo public education. 
This research is reported to you in light of continuing discussions about possible new funding to the CPSB.  As I wrote in a report two months ago (attached to this e-mail), the school system’s latest budget includes $492,000,000 in spending, but some board members and the system administrators still call for additional revenue.  The administration’s highly-touted plan for its future contemplates new schools and programs, possibly involving huge amounts of additional revenue and spending.
As is the case with the City of Shreveport and Caddo Parish Commission, the Caddo Parish School Board does not publicly acknowledge such objective data as these.  Regardless of that fact, and put as simply and directly as possible, we know that …
…  CPSB taxation and spending continue unabated increases, while
…  enrollment and student performance decline, and 
…  total population for future enrollment stagnates. 
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