School Board Addresses Travel


SO, The Caddo Parish School Board wants to “Investigate” their own travel?

I guess it’s time to actually look at who went & how much they spent on travel… Here is a teaser – Are there really budgeted trips that “Take parents…” to educate them on programs. Stay tuned! For now, go figure these reports:

These reports are generated by files recently received from a Public Records Request. The first is the data as sent by CPSB in the specific request: All Out Of State Travel in the School Year 2010-2011. It was delivered in a flat Adobe Acrobat file, which obviously was created by scanning a printed document. The file was treated as forensic data, and converted into a spreadsheet for analysis. The data was then quickly sorted by “Person/Group” taking the trips and then by “Trip.” The work on these reports was donated, and no time was spent to correct issues involving inconsistency of data entry by the school board. It is also recognized that some formula errors may be the result of all totals not checking.

However, the reports are within an acceptable tolerance for presentation. And it is our feeling that since the totals presented in two spots on the CPSB’s own report do not match, there is reason for further investigation. Please download these reports and view the data. It is interesting to note the number of trips School Board Members are taking and the destinations out-of-state.

Out-of-State-Trips-2010-11 as supplied by CPSB

Travel by PERSON 2010-2011                               Travel by TRIP 2010-2011

Dawkins Spent $30K on Travel & Meals