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Is a 2-story 90000′² Storage Facility Headed for Madison Park?

madison-park-site_plan_frontby John E. Settle, Jr.

The Shreveport Caddo Metropolitan Planning Commission[Staff Report – Site Plan Supplied] will review an application by Ricky Lennard to build this massive facility that will, in effect, occupy the parking lot north of Marilyn’s Restaurant to the Madison Park Exxon station on Wednesday at 3pm. This facility will have 400 to 450 storage units that will be available for customers 7 days a week, and Lennard estimates that 30 customers a day will visit the facility. If constructed as planned, access to the Campbell’s Television Shop and the old El Chico’s may be limited to Greg Street.

madison-park-site_plan_overheadlimitedLennard has a high dollar option to Read more

How Low Are Our Standards?

shreveport-police-Blue Ribbonby Marion Marks

Only three candidates Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler named among the seven finalists for the post of Police Chief have any advanced education degrees. The mayor’s educational and career background should cause this shortcoming to be alarming. In a time of advanced digital technology available locally and cyber crimes in our own area a broader experience and background in leadership should be a necessity. And, it is very sad that beyond and MBA from Centenary College, the next most senior and “academic” credential is from our local institution that I had to research online to determine their accreditation: Inter-Baptist Theological Seminary, Inc. also found in Dunn & Bradstreet as an “unverified entity.”.

The finalist list includes Interim Police Chief Alan Crump, SPD Sgt. Janice Dailey, SPD Sgt. Rodney Horton, SPD Lt. Greg Jones, Caddo Sheriff’s Office Capt. Darwin Jones, SPD Cpl. Benjamin Raymond, and Assistant Shreveport Chief of Police Wayne Smith. The chief is expected to named prior to the end of the month based upon final interviews and other considerations that are generally at the discretion of the mayor. [LINKS TO APPLICATIONS AND EDUCATIONAL CREDENTIALS]

leadership-quotes-by-henry-fordCorporal Raymond scored the highest among the original 19 applicants who took the civil service exam, 95%. Interim chief Alan Crump scored among the lowest. Shreveport has regularly been noted as Read more

Media Guilty – Suicide Confirmed

advertising-the-backbone-of-journalismby Marion Marks

Reading the Shreveport Times, it’s all too often interesting to evaluate just how much backbone and investigative journalism exists regarding the examination and reporting of local or national issues, particularly noting the long-term annual loss of subscribers and the shrinking small business base. However on Sunday an editorial on the water billing error appeared that gives me hope that the spine and backbone may be returning to the once-proud local paper.

There have been may questions concerning the choice of stories that make the front section and those that never makes it to press. These choices cause long-time subscribers, concerned citizens and news junkies to question the integrity of the Gannett staff, or has it only been the lazy path of least resistance, “not rocking the boat.” Locally Read more

It’s Time For A Conversation

Councilman Corbin
Councilman Corbin

by Michael D. Corbin, Shreveport City Council – District D

To our credit we have numerous dreamers, cheerleaders and entrepreneurs who have big plans for Shreveport. Shreveport Commons, sports teams, new businesses and employers, neighborhood revitalization, completion of I-49 North, bicycle and pedestrian lanes, historic preservation, downtown living and The Riverfront/Cross Bayou Corridor. Who would have believed 20 years ago that the big hole in the ground downtown would become Festival Plaza and host numerous festivals and a very successful Farmers Market? Big Red by 80! – We all laughed at the idea of recreation and boating on the Red River. Despite our ups and downs, we continue to dream big and plan for a better Shreveport.

Dreams & Plans...
Dreams & Plans…

Dreams and plans cost money and Shreveport needs to both grow its population and control spending. It is time for an honest and open conversation about available revenues and living within our means. Citizens and business owners know this struggle all too well as many have had to adjust their budgets to accommodate the increasing costs of needed goods and services and prioritize where monies are spent. This conversation should not be derailed by politics, race or by singling out specific neighborhoods over the city as a whole. Quite simply, your elected officials need to hear what services citizens Read more

Simple Lessons for Reconciliation

Reconciliation Dinner Shreveportby Marion Marks

Black&White_togetherThis evening’s 
Reconciliation Dinner in Shreveport will recognize citizens who were chosen because of contributions they made in spirit as well as demonstrated success in community racial reconciliation. “Rising Voices” (younger citizens who have made significant efforts to encourage the spirit of reconciliation) as well as some deceased citizens whose lives appropriately fit this description were also recognized. The deceased Shreveporters who blazed a path in our community and worked to create a better environment are referred to as “Pioneers.”

Learning about contributions of Pioneers who facilitated change that improved the lives of all citizens and the quality life for Shreveport requires that we learn from history. Current leaders and rising voices, our best hope to effect change in the future, live in the shadows of these Pioneers.

An immediate take-away from this event is to recognize that lessons we teach to our youngest children come alive in the images of those who seek change. Sunday School lessons should resound with the necessity of honoring the Golden Rule and respecting the rights of others. Simple truths that adults easily forget too often go without proper notice as adults over focus on material Read more

Reconciliation – Crossing the Divide

donald-trump-jokes-that-he-could-shoot-somebody-and-not-lose-any-votersby Marion Marks

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone, and my supporters wouldn’t leave me.” – Donald J. Trump

Admitting publicly that committing an act of murder would be acceptable by any group, much less an entire major political party, should be abhorrent to an entire culture. The filters of the media should still echo cries of the foul nature of these words, spoken by anyone of authority. There is NO condition where this statement is acceptable, but too many people remain silent.

Immediate questions we must ask of people who believe these words are acceptable should begin with:

  1. Can this person qualify to own a lethal weapon? (Perhaps he’s not eligible to own a gun?)
  2. Is this person in need of a mental evaluation? (Has he had a break with reality?)
  3. Would this person be a threat to incite a riot or other group chaos? (perhaps he has already!)

insane-life-quotesThe last thing I would do is limit a sane person’s right to defend himself by attacking the Second Amendment. But such new levels of deranged action, racism, Read more

Caddo Anticipates Diverse Transportation Plan

Bicycle-Pedestrian Friendly Sidewalks
Bicycle-Pedestrian Friendly Sidewalks

by Marion Marks

The use of local funding to initiate a codified “Transportation Vision” for Caddo Parish seems to now be nearing approval. This vision required joint action by “Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments (NLCOG), the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC), the City of Shreveport, the Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development (LA DOTD), Caddo Parish Commission and other government entities.”

I became aware of this work when I filmed the Bicycle Forum last October [Draft plan] along with following actions of the various agencies mentioned above that was related to the ongoing plans. As I recently followed public emails that indicated this program may actually become a reality, I am finding that some of the money spent to educate public officials and staff was money well-spent!

From one email: “The reason the Caddo Parish/Shreveport Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan was submitted to the federal government is because we recognized that what U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx outlined in his Transportation Vision was becoming and Read more