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Donald J. Trump – the Slick Voodoo Hate Monger


Donald-Trump-Holds-Campaign-incitingby Marion Marks

Donald J. Trump continues to play the role of the authoritarian dictator demanding obedience rather than the ideologue who may lose the debate as he loudly demands that the public understand the complex principles of his argument. Trump is certainly no Barry Goldwater or George McGovern, whose complex principles drew crowds but lost voters who were unable to follow their logic to a winning conclusion.

trump-ohio-riotTrump is a slickly packaged ball of molten hate, a modern marketing technological time bomb morphing from reality TV and Home Shopping Network, breeding with extremes of greed who picks up allies from the uneducated who fail to fathom unsupportable economic theories. Trump is a slick voodoo hate monger who will destroy the Republican party.

This new glowing star of the Republican party is basically contriving a voodoo platform based on flat taxes and sales tax-type Read more


Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely…


Lord-Acton-Quotes-1by J. Casey Simpson, J.D.

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority; still more when you superadd the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority.”-Lord Acton

When he died in 1902, Lord Acton was considered one of the most learned people of his age, unmatched for the breadth, depth, and humanity of his knowledge. He has become famous to succeeding generations for his observation —learned through many years of study and first-hand experience—that “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Cite:

Money-Gavel            Having become discouraged by higher powers and large sums that seemed insurmountable to our ideals and good faith efforts to preserve dignity, freedom and the right to govern as a people of the American nation, I had been out of politics for ten years until summer. My first political campaign to work on was in 1986, a U. S. Senate race between John Breaux and Henson Moore. I was naïve. Now, having practiced in areas of law including finance, insurance, negotiations, criminal prosecution Read more


Jindal’s North Louisiana Hospital Hoax Collapsing


Elliott_Stonecipherby Elliott Stonecipher

In spectacular fashion, the badly misnamed “hospital privatization” scheme of Governor Bobby Jindal in Shreveport and Monroe is now collapsing.  The appalling scenario now playing out is about as surprising as any given day’s embarrassing headline about Governor Jindal’s faux presidential campaign.

Success-Failure IntersectionFor any who are interested, and missed them in 2013 and early 2014, here are my initial three articles on the subject, published in The Forum Newsweekly and/or on Bob Mann’s Something Like the Truth and Marion Marks’ Forward-Now blog:

July 9, 2013, “LSU Hospital and Medical School”

July 23, 2013, “LSU Medical School Deal, Beware Toxic Politics”

August 21, 2013, “Of Gods, Angels and the Shreveport Biomedical Research Foundation”

As more and more details of the Jindal op became available, and the October 1, 2013, takeover by Read more


Forgotston: “Rep. Schroder misleads”

CB Forgotston
CB Forgotston

by CB Forgotston

Louisiana is in desperate need of leadership.  The only thing worse than a vacuum in leadership is when one intentionally misleads our citizens.

Rep. John Schroder, R-Covington [addressing college students protesting budget cuts to Higher Ed], said the Legislature has little control because of constitutional dedications that protect other areas of the budget but leave higher education vulnerable. The Advocate, April 16, 2015

Rep. Schroder misleads
Rep. Schroder misleads

Further, Schroder says: “Our hands are tied.“” Ibid.

The leges tell us that whenever there is a decline in state revenues and a corresponding need to reduce state spending the only places that can be cut are Healthcare and Higher Education. They say it is because Read more


Bobby Jindal cannot talk for stepping on his tongue


Rips Clinton over email flap while refusing to release his own…

by Tom Aswell

GatorMouth5My granddad had an admonition for someone (more than once, that someone was me) who he thought was running his mouth off a little too much: “Don’t let your alligator mouth overload your jaybird ass.”

Loosely translated, that means don’t go shooting off your mouth with claims you can’t back up—physically or factually.

And from our perspective, it would seem that Bobby Jindal’s fusillade of fulminations, besides causing a “there he goes again” rolling of the eyes, has placed quite a burden on his scrawny backside.

It’s bad enough that he has waded off into the murky waters of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA, a bill being copied in other states, including Louisiana) by voicing his support of the bill during, of all things, a speech at the National Rifle Association (NRA) convention.indiana-backlash

(Bobby, Bibles and Bullets: what a presidential campaign slogan.)

But then, Team Jindal, in its weekly email blast, went to great lengths to point out that Iowa radio talk show host and Washington Times columnist “Steve Deace Proclaimed Governor Read more


“The Great Liquidator” – Bobby Jindal Legacy

Auctioneer-JINDAL SHOW

by Marion Marks

Bobby Jindal‘s scheme to sell the state’s remaining share of a massive tobacco settlement screams of Depression era family rationalization to let go of the last stick of family furniture. It’s an old-fashioned Dog-and-Pony Show, and despite criticism from every quarter, Jindal firmly defends his “Right” to auction off funds that have been set aside to guarantee future generations would benefit from the abuses the tobacco industry invoked on Louisiana citizens. Jindal’s rationalization would waste a last remaining asset for the addiction to fix to budget problem almost totally attributable to Jindal‘s political mismanagement.

The board that oversees the tobacco settlement has regretfully agreed to the concept that there may be acceptable legal ground for Jindal to sell off the fund, although several more approvals are needed before any sale can proceed. State Treasurer John Kennedy objected, saying Jindal’s plan is driven by Read more


How to Solve State’s Budget Crisis- Legalize Marijuana


Opinion by John SettleUnless someone has been living in a dark cave for the last 6 months, Louisiana’s budget crisis should be old news; reduced state revenues due to lower oil/gas prices and layoffs in the oil patch have certainly contributed to more concerns than happiness over lower gas prices at the pump. Suddenly state legislators are NOT having fun being public officials and the upcoming legislative session is something to be dreaded versus the usual Baton Rouge party at taxpayers expense. To date all the headlines deal with what state agencies will be slashed and how much-but no ideas on more revenues since presidential hopeful Governor Jindal has adamantly said ‘NO” to any new taxes.

"No New Taxes!"
“No New Taxes!”

No one can question the fact that Louisiana needs new sources of revenues in a big way; one quick way to increase state revenue coffers and decrease state and local expenditures is to legalize marijuana. YES, legalize marijuana. Its really a no brainer to those who follow what other states are doing and keep up with the Read more