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Reconciliation – Crossing the Divide

donald-trump-jokes-that-he-could-shoot-somebody-and-not-lose-any-votersby Marion Marks

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone, and my supporters wouldn’t leave me.” – Donald J. Trump

Admitting publicly that committing an act of murder would be acceptable by any group, much less an entire major political party, should be abhorrent to an entire culture. The filters of the media should still echo cries of the foul nature of these words, spoken by anyone of authority. There is NO condition where this statement is acceptable, but too many people remain silent.

Immediate questions we must ask of people who believe these words are acceptable should begin with:

  1. Can this person qualify to own a lethal weapon? (Perhaps he’s not eligible to own a gun?)
  2. Is this person in need of a mental evaluation? (Has he had a break with reality?)
  3. Would this person be a threat to incite a riot or other group chaos? (perhaps he has already!)

insane-life-quotesThe last thing I would do is limit a sane person’s right to defend himself by attacking the Second Amendment. But such new levels of deranged action, racism, Read more

Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

James A Baldwinby Marion Marks

The level of uneducated and hate-filled social media commentary directed at candidates, supporters or anyone who dares question, understand or clarify issues regarding volatile candidates, parties or those working in the political process is the order of the day[S.O.P.]. Any educated effort to understand the status quo of a candidate, a candidate’s position papers, platform points of opposing party prior to their national convention appears to have disintegrated into pitched battles and third-grade name-calling. Sadly, the hostile name tags seem to stick.

imageAn illustrated Donald Trump, and his current branded campaign promoting conservative family values carrying a large voters base, sold as the desire for “greatness,” is, however, running off the rails. For any factual observer, Trump’s campaign never addresses specific issues related to social or political progress, because in the world of “those illegal immigrants who are taking all our stuff,” equality and basic human decency, and the Read more

Protecting and Defending Should be more than Rhetoric

Omar Mateen
Omar Mateen

by Marion Marks

Omar Mateen was never classified prior to Saturday evening with specific “terrorist” traits or organizations at the time he walked into the club immediately before he started pulling the triggers because his profile and available documented work records, fell into many groups, most containing only degrees of “Red Flags!” But, in as much as America is under attack from many enemies, it seems to be common sense that we all failed to properly diagnose the apparent problems. For those failures we must regroup and make certain the same mistakes don’t happen again.

10_04_Visualize_2As night follow day, we seem to repeat the same tragic logic, refighting battles over Second Amendment rights and who can purchase and carry what and where. Getting beyond the same critical rights discussions must become our first mission if we expect to change history and Read more