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Is a 2-story 90000′² Storage Facility Headed for Madison Park?

madison-park-site_plan_frontby John E. Settle, Jr.

The Shreveport Caddo Metropolitan Planning Commission[Staff Report – Site Plan Supplied] will review an application by Ricky Lennard to build this massive facility that will, in effect, occupy the parking lot north of Marilyn’s Restaurant to the Madison Park Exxon station on Wednesday at 3pm. This facility will have 400 to 450 storage units that will be available for customers 7 days a week, and Lennard estimates that 30 customers a day will visit the facility. If constructed as planned, access to the Campbell’s Television Shop and the old El Chico’s may be limited to Greg Street.

madison-park-site_plan_overheadlimitedLennard has a high dollar option to Read more

Caddo Commission Votes NO to Transparency

by Marion Marks

Resolution No. 82 of 2016 by The Caddo Parish Commission was discussed and voted down in regular session by a 6-5 margin, effectively not asking that the Caddo IDB get any more than minimal annual reporting that they may also have to request from SBP regarding the most valuable commercial asset the IDB has on the books, the former General Motors Plant.

Currently the former GM Plant remains a money-making tool for Stuart Lichter/SBP, who controls the purse strings of Elio Motors and collects far more rent based on liquidating the assets on the former GM premises, moveables being owned by Elio Motors and possibly some non-movables owned by the IDB “see story”. If syphoning off the government grants tied to luring new high-dollar jobs and manufacturing into the premises those jobs other than three, have yet to be created. Elio and SBP have tied up the facility for three years and refused offers of existing manufacturing corporations to buy, lease or otherwise locate to the site. RACER Trust has Read more

Media Guilty – Suicide Confirmed

advertising-the-backbone-of-journalismby Marion Marks

Reading the Shreveport Times, it’s all too often interesting to evaluate just how much backbone and investigative journalism exists regarding the examination and reporting of local or national issues, particularly noting the long-term annual loss of subscribers and the shrinking small business base. However on Sunday an editorial on the water billing error appeared that gives me hope that the spine and backbone may be returning to the once-proud local paper.

There have been may questions concerning the choice of stories that make the front section and those that never makes it to press. These choices cause long-time subscribers, concerned citizens and news junkies to question the integrity of the Gannett staff, or has it only been the lazy path of least resistance, “not rocking the boat.” Locally Read more

Caddo Parish Gave Away GM Plant

Caddo Parish-hope-in-our-handsby Marion Marks

Everyone, including the Caddo Commissioners, has been re-examining the transactions regarding the General Motors plant and how & why we don’t have any manufacturing jobs at the plant. There is a clear chain that all should understand. Here is the Cliff Note version of how the transactions transpired in the 2013 give-away of the facility. But it all started at the 2013 meeting and the clear facts start at 1:49:00 of this video. You have to start at this point to see the key discussion of the GM give-away.  

  1. Racer sold to Shreveport Business Park[IRG Subsidiary 100% owned by Stuart Lichter] who in turn sold it to IDB.   However, before doing so they granted Elio the right to mtg. the fixtures, equipment, etc. and the right to have access and remove the equipment.
  2. The IDB executed the landlord waiver and access agreement after they purchased the property.
  3. All of the following documents were recorded on Dec. 27,2013. 
  4. Quit Claim Deed from Racer to Shreveport Business Park LLC  bk. 4713 page 469  at 3:41 pm 
  5. Landlord Waiver and Access Agreement to Elio at 3:51 p.m. 
  6. Quit Claim Deed from Shreveport Business Park to IDB    bk.4713  page 594   @  3:54 pm 
  7. Landlord Waiver and Access Agreement which the IDB executed at 4:03 pm  (instrument number 2486687). [Here is a link to all Sales documents]

The 2013 act, ORDINANCE NO. 5330 OF 2013, creating the industrial Development Board of the Parish of Caddo(IDB), was slowed on two votes by Commissioners Stephanie Lynch, Matthew Linn and Lyndon Johnson, but finally approved, with the same dissenting votes.[Video at 1:49:00][The ordinance-supplements & explanation]

Never has so much authority regarding Caddo Parish industrial development been put in the hands of a single non-elected official. Even though the elected commissioners were asked to approve many of Wilson’s actions, at no time were the commissioners ever offered access to all documents without demands or Read more

Examining the Ugly Side of GOP

by Marion Marks

Charlton Lyons, 1921
Charlton Lyons, 1921

Growing up in the South is both a blessing and a curse, particularly for those who peel back the layers of the past and examine the evolution of the politics and the modern Republican Party. For those who have been here since the 1950’s 2015-2016 has been a stressful and often painful year.

In 1952, Charlton Lyons headed the “Democrats for Eisenhower,” but, I wasn’t old enough to appreciate that election. However, I did get to later have a better understanding of the evolution of the Republican party during that time. Prior to Lyons, it was stated that the Louisiana GOP could hold a convention in a phone booth, serve fried chicken, and there would be plenty of room to dance. Things have changed drastically since then.

Joe D. Waggonner, US Representative
Joe D. Waggonner, US Representative

In 1961 Republican Lyons, a Shreveport oilman, won 45 percent of the votes in the special election against the Joe D. Waggonner, a Democrat in Louisiana’s 4th congressional district race for the US House of Representatives. This was the closest a Republican had come in a federal race since Reconstruction and marked a high-water post for many years. The contest received Read more

Caddo Commission – Aim Fire!

SWAG-Caddo_Oarish_prisoner-barsby Marion Marks

Sometimes I allow my impulsive nature to get the better of me, I can be my own worst enemy. But this morning, I counted to one hundred several times, called and touched base with two attorneys I feel have conservative-response tendencies before penned an email to the Shreveport Times, again, regarding an article I wrote last Friday.

As I read the transcript of the Michael Williams case, I recited the mantra of patience and inner peace so many times that I was forced at the end to go for a walk to keep from blowing a gasket. The acronym YCMTSU [You Can’t Make This “Stuff” Up] was boiling over in my conscience effort to remain calm. The steady and even demeanor of the Caddo Parish representatives in the courtroom through the interrogation during the sentencing phase must have been medically induced or simply those present were under strict muzzled orders.

Caddo Parish-hope-in-our-handsThere can be no valid excuse I would rationalize for a steward of the parish, particularly a highly-paid professional, to sit through this barrage of questions and jabs without showing some defense for citizens and particularly Read more

Caddo Commission Administration – Again…

Michael_Williams-SWAG-behind-jail-barsby Marion Marks

The recent federal court case of United States of America vs. Michael Dewayne Williams should have caused Caddo citizens far more pain than apparently I have observed, and it may be that we have accepted broken systems as the norm rather than the exception. I pray not!

I want to make it clear that I found Michael Williams’ use of public monies in the SWAG Nation case both offensive and degrading to a potentially good program and others in the field of juvenile justice, but I felt he was permitted to extend his violations and further harm others by the total failure of the administration of the Caddo Commission.

Woody Wilson, Caddo Administrator
Woody Wilson, Caddo Administrator

Judge Maurice Hicks, Jr. properly nailed the violations of the Caddo Commission administration in his opinion of July 21, 2016, but the repercussions of these violations seem to have treated like water off a duck’s back by the public and the media. This is news that must sink in and be properly digested, because it speaks of the ease with which the public is willing to accept abuse by government officials as well as elected representatives.

“… the Caddo Parish Commission’s lack of due diligence, oversight, and auditing of public funds is a disservice to every person in the parish of Caddo. And I realize full well that this Read more