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Caddo School Bond Package: Higher Rents…


… Lower Home Sales, More Population Loss??

Opinion by John SettleOn May 2 the Caddo Parish School “Re-invest in Caddo” $108 million bond package will be on the ballot–along with tax renewal for the Biomed Foundation. Caddo voters can sit at home, vote for more taxes or vote to INVEST in Caddo by defeating both tax measures. For those voters who are owners of real estate, these votes count were it matters the most–in their pocketbooks. And for those do NOT own real estate but who can vote to burden their neighbors and local businesses who do, this vote could very well hurt their finances as well.

Opposing StatisticsOutstanding research by local good government advocate Elliott Stonecipher shines a spotlight on the Caddo tax burden-a message that will NOT be heard from Caddo School Superintendent Goree’ and School Board members as well as those who will undoubtedly benefit from approval of the bond package, i.e. the local construction (more…)

March 6, 2015 10:00 am

CPSB Tax Op: What We Don’t Know Will Hurt Us

Elliott_Stonecipher(This is one in a continuing series of articles concerning the Caddo Parish School Board property tax millage plan set for a May 2, 2015 election.  If approved by voters, CPSB nets another $108,000,000 for new schools and other buildings.)

Unhealthy Air_shreveport

Unhealthy Air

An unhealthy air is settling around the growing public debate about the Caddo Parish School Board’s tax plan.  In all my years of involvement in many, many such tax plans from and by many governmental bodies, I have never seen one as steeped in secrecy, and otherwise off-key, as this one.

It is clear to a growing number of us that our school board and administration are pushing this political op far too hard.  They are doing too many non-transparent and over-the-top (more…)

March 3, 2015 2:24 pm

BNA Meet Challenges CPSB Tax Plan

Elliott_Stonecipherby Elliott Stonecipher

They did it again!

That’s my take on the weather-threatened Tuesday evening gathering at Shreveport’s Broadmoor Presbyterian Church, sponsored by “BNA,” the Broadmoor Neighborhood Association.

Most else in town had been cancelled, but the event sponsors never blinked.  Eighty-plus folks dodged the ice, ignoring threats of even worse for later that night, specifically to hear the opposition case on the Caddo Parish School Board’s bond proposal set for a May 2nd vote.  The event was put together by BNA members Rob Broussard and Ken Krefft, with an assist from Linda Talbert and Lou Burnett, not to mention involved church members.



For those who do not know, such a response here is very rare these days.  Regardless, as those involved in our community have long known and understood, even if the rest of Shreveport is asleep at the wheel at (more…)

February 26, 2015 2:45 pm

Where the Caddo Sidewalk Stops…

Why a Run-Away School Administration and
Need to be Told “NO!”

reinvest-in-caddo-january-2015-1-638by Marion Marks

Creating a great marketing title for a tax election is as critical a component for gaining support as anything, and Caddo Parish officials have an excellent record for constructively wording tax plans to obtain voter approval. Reinvest in Caddo, the name chosen by the Caddo Parish School Board(CPSB) for the bond election on the May 2nd ballot appears, on the surface, to be no more than a renewal of existing taxes. However the facts, chemistry and larger picture for Caddo is far more sinister as school leadership has crafted behind the scenes a long-range plan citizens must struggle to comprehend. The leadership of both the CPSB and the administration have resisted giving citizens a clear picture of the ramifications of their plans.

Empty Glass


The Caddo School School Administration(CPSA) and the CPSB have constructed scenarios the culminate in the current plan, and since Superintendent Goree was approved to take control from failed superintendent Gerald Dawkins in 2014 back-room maneuvers have only heated up. Currently CPSB is represented (more…)

February 25, 2015 11:22 am

The Brian O’Nuanain Lesson & Education Today

by Marion Marks

Brian O'Nuanain

Brian O’Nuanain

Thanking Brian O’Nuanain publicly is my first intent with this writing, but his message [You should listen to the radio story…] has such a deeper resonance for citizens that most listeners of Red River Radio probably missed. Brian’s journey is a beautiful and also tragic tale on the surface, but a secondary message of his love for education and a value for true educators requires a second telling.

Brian is an educator whose words demand a greater audience because the mission of true educators, blessed and cursed with a deep desire to impart knowledge and wisdom to a larger audience, is always a tragic tale today.

Value the Apple!

Value the Apple!

The love of teaching Brian bares as he reveals the (more…)

February 19, 2015 11:57 am

Perils of Polluted Process: CPSB’s Tax Campaign

Elliott_StonecipherSome things about local and parish government around here are plain ol’ inarguable.  Near the top of that list is this:  when it comes to taxing the economic life out of this place, no government body has done more of it, or been better at it over time, than the Caddo Parish School Board. 

The political left-of-center, tax-and-spend machine of CPSB members and the administrative staff now wants $108,000,000 for new schools and other buildings.  I did not make that up.  New schools! 

CPSB hootenanniesThis time, Election Day will be May 2nd.  The story, however, is very different from CPSB’s many, many previous such spending hootenannies.  This time, our Caddo Parish home quite literally cannot – by any objective analysis – afford this. 

If the “greater good” still has meaning here, it dictates and demands that property taxes ONLY (more…)

February 16, 2015 2:46 pm

Challenges & Obstacles to Caddo Educational Opportunities

Big Obstacles-1by Marion Marks

Caddo Parish faces many obstacles similar regions encounter as limited resources are rationed to meet demands of health, education, security and the general welfare. Governing authorities make many decisions under difficult circumstances, often without the consent of the governed. Citizens provide a pot of resources officials use to direct expenditures and the officials struggle to control how services are provided and who takes what from the pot.

So you want a heart?

So you want a heart?

Equity or “give and take” slide along the fulcrum of political power which is leveraged to extract spoils from the public trough. Sadly, good citizens pay dearly as hard-ball politics trample the innocent who struggle to remain on the sidelines. Children in Caddo public schools, and their parents, appear to have their future resting on a politically-driven school board and a coming bond election. Power politics will decide the parish’s future.


February 4, 2015 5:00 pm

CPSB Meeting Last Night … A Misfire Times Ten

Elliott_Stonecipherby Elliott Stonecipher

(This is the 1st in a series of articles concerning the Caddo Parish School Board’s plan for or against which Caddo residents may vote on May 2nd.)

I am not a big peddler of quotations attributed to “famous” people, owing mainly to the fact of missing context.  There are exceptions of course, like this comment about history by Winston Churchill:

“Study history, study history.  In history lies all the secrets of statecraft.”

I grabbed onto that one when in state government early in my career. Study History-Churchill I was in a pitched battle with professional educators on an urgent matter of public policy reform, and had studied the most meaningful (more…)

January 21, 2015 12:02 pm

How The Caddo Schools Tax Plan Will Hurt Us

Elliott_Stonecipherby Elliott Stonecipher

When I last wrote about our Caddo Parish School Board’s new proposal for a would-be spring election, I shared my sense that, at its core, the plan is about CPSB keeping a property tax millage on their books for building new schools (?!). 

The pay-down of our capital outlay chunk of property taxes over time has seemingly reached the point with CPSB top folks that this plan was hatched … far too fast, with far too little input, and thus with an already cracked foundation. Hatch a Plan My take is buttressed by others I respect who are reading it the same way.  (I thank each for their counsel.)

Why else, after all, would the CPSB possibly be considering building new schools when there are so many more we must close, before circumstances out of our control close them for us?  That the CPSB response to the wave of reform called “school choice” is to build more buildings is stunning, even here … even now. 

(I break here to acknowledge that there are a few officials are their associates who are publicly questioning my education / CPSB bona fides.  For those few, and (more…)

January 14, 2015 11:47 am

Caddo School Tax Proposition? Stop It … Now!

Elliott_Stonecipherby Elliott Stonecipher

Many, I do mean many, of you have contacted me about the Caddo Parish School Board administration’s red-hot (not in a good way) tax proposal.  It is rare – and joyous! – to get so many questions, and hear so many comments, about any tax proposition in Caddo Parish and Shreveport. 



I wrote about this latest tax whopper from CPSB back in December, and intended to wait until after the school board’s vote on it January 20th before writing again, but the sheer amount of heat being generated by this one altered that plan.

This will be short on numbers, since (more…)

January 8, 2015 11:23 am

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