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Vote “NO” Like You Mean It!


by Marion Marks


There are so many people telling voters so much about the two bond issues on the ballot tomorrow that many people tell me the noise is deafening. What I do know is that there are lots of people worried about the results of the election who won’t take the time to vote, and worse yet they will be the loudest after the election complaining about the results.

All I am certain of is that the majority of voters –those who cast a ballot– will have doubt about their vote after they cast it, and it will cause many heart burn long after the vote is cast. I also believe that my all-time contention of “following the money” holds true here as much as it ever will. Those with a vested interest in construction and the business world around schools and the medical community -NOT THE TEACHERS & MEDICAL STAFF- are the loudest in generating business for themselves.CPSB shakedown-taxes Also, the community of election workers, the political machinery and the parasites living off the real workers are less likely to give best guidance on the issues behind the bond money that will be raised by taxes.

Seldom have I spoken against a bond election, because bond monies in the past were generators of jobs, education improvements and a better future Read more

Dear Barry Rachal …

YOU MUST VOTE-Elliottby Elliott Stonecipher

My Caddo Parish School Board member, Barry Rachal, has carefully timed an attack manifesto so I will not be able to respond in kind before tomorrow’s election.  I will respond here, instead, with posts then on and Facebook.  

Dear Mr. Rachal,

You might well have debated me over the past few months if you cared to attack me and give me a chance to defend myself.  After all, every word I have offered in this debate was either while standing in front of a crowd of questioners, or in writing, signed by me.  

Bushwhacker-BarryYou and the rest of the CPSB refused to be questioned or challenged.  Blatantly dishonorable.

 Rather than a fair and decent and honorable exchange between us, you officially resort to bushwhacking.  

Bushwhacking, Mr. Rachal, is recognized as an abject absence of courage.  I know you know that.  What motivates you, regardless of that fact, to dishonor yourself?

…  You contend you did not flip-flop on the Southeast Shreveport Read more

CPSB Tactics Cross Well Into Constitutional Prohibition

No-surprise$by Elliott Stonecipher

This stunning development is no surprise, I suppose, given how far government has wandered from what most believe is right and true and proper.  

It now seems more than merely possible that the Yogism from 1973 applies to the Caddo Parish School Board’s pro-tax plan campaign:  “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”  The election on Saturday may prove to be something less than the end of the CPSB’s hyper-aggressive political op to borrow yet another $108,000,000 for a bunch of new buildings.

Corrupt-briberyI am no attorney, but I know some here who are outstanding.  The Pesnell Law Firm, some readers may remember, is working pro bono, as am I, in challenging the Caddo Parish Commission’s apparently unconstitutional retirement system, CPERS, as it is called.

Without any mention of the CPSB tax campaign from me, Whitney Pesnell telephoned today to share his concern about the school board’s campaign, and its admitted Read more

Caddo: “Remember the Bell South Cell Phones!!!!”

Tammy Tales

Larry Ramsey-Dottie_Bell_PhonesIf the Anti-School Bond Movement ever needed a battle cry it would be“Remember the Bell South Cell Phones!”  Those were purchased from the 2004 bond election pushed by the same crowd; The Alliance for Education, Philip Rozeman, The Chamber of Commerce and school board member, Larry Ramsey (at the time a Bell South employee.)  All the schools were excited to get “phones” for each classroom. They promised that the phones could even work out on the playground if an emergency happened out there. NOT!

Past bond money expense!
Past bond money expense!

These phones were obsolete upon arrival. Some trash Bell South had not been able to sell. So Caddo Parish took them off Bell South’s hands for $795 each plus the cost of the charging stations. That’s for each classroom in 72 schools.  I can’t do that high math.  They sat around collecting dust for years. Some schools put them in boxes and hid them in closets. Most were never turned on.  Some loyal frustrated principals tried to play the game and had a recharging Read more

Top 2 Reasons to Vote NO on Saturday

Elliott_Stonecipherby Elliott Stonecipher

This article is the eighteenth in this series on the Caddo Parish School Board’s tax-and-spend-and-debt plan.  Here are the Top 2 Reasons to vote “NO” on Saturday.  For those who missed Reasons #10 and #9, click here, and for Reasons #8, #7, and #6, here.  For Reasons #5, #4, and #3, click here.

My Top 10[2]Reason #2.  We Must Never Reward Misconduct, Much Less Lawbreaking, by Public Officials

Outrageously, there are times when public officials knowingly ditch the truth, intimidate employees, purposely ignore or defeat the public’s “right to know,” and even sometimes break the law, to grab (even more) taxpayer money.  When they do, the public must directly act against those officials, or it’s on us. 

The CPSB is guilty of all of these, and the appropriate, initial response is to vote “NO” on Saturday.  Any other outcome effectively rewards our school system for its violations Read more

Councilman Bradford on Bond Election – YES

Willie Bradford
Willie Bradford, District A

by Willie Bradford, City Council District A

I have never seem the level of opposition from so many entities to a School Bond Proposal as I have the “Reinvest in Caddo Parish Public Schools” Bond Initiative. The debate has consumed social media. Within the debate we find a jungle of issues. And I mean a jungle of issues!! Oftentimes the debate is unpleasant because like having a nose, everybody have an opinion.

I’m been volunteering in Caddo Schools for many, many years. Over the last month, I’ve visited more then 6 schools. I also toured the schools in the Transformation Zone on March 26. Each visit was wonderful and inspiring. I was very impressed and left very encouraged by what I saw.Vote YES Sign

Unquestionably, Caddo Schools, (especially schools in inner-city neighborhoods, attended mostly by students from economic disadvantaged households) are Read more

Top 10 Reasons to Vote NO May 2nd: #5, #4, #3‏

Elliott_StonecipherBy Elliott Stonecipher

(This is one in a continuing series of articles concerning the Caddo Parish School Board property tax millage proposition. If approved by voters, CPSB nets another $108,000,000 for brick and mortar projects. The election is next Saturday, May 2.)
April 25, 2015

This article is the new installment in my countdown of the Top 10 Reasons to vote “NO” on the Caddo Parish School Board’s tax-and-spend-and-debt plan. For those who missed Reasons #10 and #9, click here, and for Reasons #8, #7, and #6, here.

REASONS #5, #4, and #3:

#5. What We Don’t Know Always Hurts Us — This Time Particularly So

Read more