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by John Settle

It’s a question that has been asked since Day 1 after James Stewart announced his candidacy for the Caddo District Attorney race on August 13. And like many questions about the Stewart candidacy, it has not been answered.What Do You Say 3D Illustrated Words Question Mark

Most politicos believe that Stewart’s best shot at becoming the next DA for Caddo Parish was in the October 21 primary, and that a variety of unexpected factors prevented what many in his campaign believed was a slam dunk victory. And now there is street talk that some of the campaign insiders are skeptical of a Stewart victory on November 21— and that he may seek to reclaim his old seat. Read more

Nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come

Willie Bradford
Willie Bradford

by Willie Bradford

Nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” That cliché can be applied the election for the Next District Attorney for Caddo Parish.

When I was in school in the early 1960s there were less then five thousand black registered voters in Caddo Parish ­- And no blacks elected to political office. Dr. C.O. Simpkins did run for the Caddo Parish School Board in 1952, as well as in1958. Between 1958 and 1968 several other blacks sought political office as well, but because of the low number of black registered voters they all lost their elections.

Voting-question-everythingAfter the 1964 Voting Rights Act, blacks started registering in greater numbers. By 1970 black registered voters had tripled, and Dr. E.E. Allen, a local dentist became the first African-American elected official in Caddo Parish. People of all colors responded in this election and elected Dr. Allen to the Caddo Parish School Board. Dr. Allen’s victory represented an idea whose time had come. Read more

Vote Because it Makes a Difference

ELECTION DAY-Nov 21by Marion Marks

November 21 election results determine the future in Louisiana and Caddo Parish, either way the voters decide. Citizens can and will make a choice by casting a ballot or allowing others to vote for them through their failure to cast a ballot. “You cant be neutral on a moving train!” said Howard Zinn, and that’s the way eligible voters must recognize a responsibility to vote, or they give away their power and their rights. It’s really that simple, and no reason for not voting makes any sense – if you are alive!Howard Zinn_You Cant be Neutral

No other responsibility citizens possess is more powerful in determining a future path for the community than exercising your vote. And Caddo voters can’t see how much that vote is worth, when so many people and so much money is being poured into this election, they must be blind. The concept of the “Fat Cat” was easy to understand, as someone threw piles of Read more

Factors That May Impact Voter Turnout on November 21

John Settle-Opinion-May 2015The general election on Saturday, November 21 will determine the outcome of many statewide races (the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General) and four Caddo races – District Attorney, Caddo Commissioner District 3 and 8 and State Senate District 38. Caddo voter turnout for the October 24 primary was a much lower than expected at 32%.

The $64,000 question for the November 21 election date is, as always, turnout. A low turnout can be blamed on many factors, including the following:


1. Hunting season will be open for deer and ducks.

2. For consummate shopper, that Saturday will be five (5) days before Thanksgiving Read more


John Settle-Opinion-May 2015To those who have closely followed the campaign of James Stewart for Caddo DA, nothing is a surprise that comes out of his mouth—or what does not come out. Stewart’s entire race has been a series of “I do not know” or “I will not comment”. Although Caddo voters deserve more from someone seeking to become District Attorney, it is unlikely that Stewart will change his pattern from being a tightly-scripted candidate controlled by his white political handlers.

Stewart was trained by former Caddo DA Paul Carmouche who also trained Dale Cox. Stewart_Forum-DealThe death penalty cases that have been subject to national media scrutiny were prosecuted during Carmouche’s tenure as D.A. Stewart may “pretend” that he is the answer to correcting the death penalty brouhaha, but he has not explained his DA background, why he was very hard on black criminal defendants – – or his record as a Caddo District Judge and Second Circuit Court of Appeals Judge when he was known to be Read more

The Politics of Ignorance, Corruption and Sovereignty

James Monroe
James Monroe

 by Marion Marks

It is only when the people become ignorant and corrupt, when they degenerate… that they are incapable of exercising their sovereignty.”           – James Monroe

This election cycle has proven that Caddo citizens discovered that a little ignorance is the currency of far too many voters, and that those who believe they can sway an election with big dollars still have a lot to learn. Regardless of the inclement weather, registered voters failed to exercise their hard-fought right to vote. The “sovereignty” Monroe refers is a double-edged privilege, granted to all, simply thru citizenship. Yet the “right” is neglected or ignored when we demonstrate a failure to vote. The rights of citizenship only become an acceptable currency when the holder of the right exercises their vote.

ignorance-a_POVThe basic belief of the founding fathers, and the expectation of those who cherish those rights, seems to be mostly ignored today as a majority refuse to vote, even when it is in their interest to cast a vote. Suggesting that their right to vote is being taken away, many would scream loudly. So the question now becomes, who will not vote in the November runoff?

The saddest media message I read since the returns came in is Read more

The Evolution of Unlimited Cash Donations $$$$$$…

Casey Simpson Candidate for Caddo DA
Casey Simpson
Candidate for Caddo DA

by Casey Simpson

We are witnessing an event in the evolution of American Constitutional Law; overt, unlimited cash donations to a local country / parish election, from foreign interests. This is unprecedented in American History, and it is repugnant to all notions of “fair play and substantial justice”, though especially permitted by U. S. Supreme Court law. But what is justice anyway?

Justice is whatever the voters say it is by either voting, or by choosing to not vote. Voting is the ultimate power – the last word – the final action. However, half our voters are inactive due to, one might assume, disinterest. I am afraid of what Read more