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BNA Forum – Corruption Questions

Thew forum representative speakers
The forum representative speakers

I was fortunate enough last night to observe the interaction of law enforcement, prosecutors, elected officials and average citizens during a public forum concerning the general topic of “Public Corruption.” Sadly, not a single member of what we normally refer to as “the mainstream media” was there to observe and report, much less record the event for general public review.

The interchange of ideas and thought was often heated and, at times, anger and frustration was evident in some of the words of citizens who posed questions. However, the demonstration of patience and respect for law and the rights of citizens who chose to step up for public office was commendable. The temperament of the country in frustration with the presidential election was evident behind some comments and aspersions.

But what came out of the forum can best be described as “some steam was released from the local pressure cooker” for some officials, while others appear to have added new fuel to the public clamor for justice. Locally, claims by many


Shreveport Commons Funding Demands Transparency

Decision ahead
Decisions ahead

by Marion Marks

Shreveport’s claims of concerns about our perceived character, growth, assimilation and legacy as far as working with others should be as much a concern to citizens as our concern about how we use federal, state and parish funding in development contracts. Jane Jacobs in addressing change in American cities in her 1961 The Death and Life of Great American Cities, as well as in other works, understood that urban planning guidelines gave her and all other citizens affected by changing city transportation routes and economic development a mechanism to fight improper use of government funding. Abusive tactics that bullied citizens cause Jacobs and her followers to use all available tools to demand transparency and public input before funds were spent. Jacobs understood that what was at stake was the very character of historic neighborhoods in the cities that she loved. She also understood that powerful force sought to use the system to steal the very soul of those cities as well as the public purse.[Prior Jane Jacobs article]

The Shreveport Commons plan seems too full of comparisons to the New York plan Jacobs fought that demand greater study and transparency. Just like the New York plan Jacobs opposed, “city planners” came to the table with plans and a cobbled together timetable to use public funding to create change that would seemingly fit the federal guidelines and mollify Read more




John Settle-Opinion-May 2015The Caddo Commission recently named the Charter Review Committee which is mandated to review the Commission’s Home Rule Charter every 4 years. The Committee, which may have its first meeting this week, has 6 members—Liz Swaine, Melva Williams, Rob Broussard, Billy Wayne, Ronnie Festervan, and Alex Washington. The Committee can make recommendations to the Commission—and then the Commission can place the recommendations for Charter amendments on the ballot for voter approval.

Unfortunately, problems have already surfaced. Commission attorney Donna Frazier has set the first meeting for Read more




John Settle-Opinion-May 2015Should an individual with an outstanding judgment to the State Board of Ethics for campaign fines be appointed to a local commission? Or an outstanding judgment to the credit bureau? How about a conviction for simple battery that involved an alleged sexual encounter with a young lady who he had hired? And should Commissioners advise the board if the suggested appointment is a fellow church member? How about a person before the commission, should they be asked if any embarrassing revelation will be revealed should they be chosen? The nature of these should not only be embarrassing to Caddo citizens, but it is embarrassing to have to even discuss them for a candidate to serve on a public board.

Unfortunately these issues were not addressed at the recent Caddo Commission meeting on March 17 when the Commission chose a candidate to fill an open seat on the MPC. Theron Jackson was voted over other qualified candidates to the Caddo Shreveport Metropolitan Planning Commission to fill that open position.Theron Jackson-lectures

Jackson has an outstanding civil penalty of $4,000 to the Louisiana Ethics Board for failure to file campaign finance reports; this is now a 2011 judgment filed in Caddo records that would be easy for any citizen to research. Jackson also has a 2010 judgment for $2,540 filed in Read more




John Settle-Opinion-May 2015It came as no surprise to courthouse observers that former Caddo Commissioner Michael Williams was recently found guilty of all 11 charges of wire fraud by a federal court jury in Shreveport. The only real surprise, other than the fact that Williams did not accept a plea deal, was how fast the verdicts were returned—in less than 90 minutes. Basically that meant the jurors took a restroom break, got a drink of water, voted SEPARATELY on each charge with practically no discussion, and then returned to the courtroom. In legal parlance, that’s called a slam dunk by the prosecution. Williams will be sentenced on June 13; the maximum sentence is 20 years and it is anticipated his sentence will be at least 5 years.monopoly-go2jail

So what can be learned by this unfortunate chapter in the history of public officials who got greedy—and were caught? Several things! Initially, remember that the U.S. Attorney’s office does not mess around once it files charges; locally they rarely, as in very rarely, lose criminal prosecutions.

Secondly—plea offers should be seriously considered; Williams could have plead to one charge of wire fraud with a probated sentence, i.e. no jail time. He should have Read more




John Settle-Opinion-May 2015It’s always good to follow a political body when there has been a changing of the guard—and such is the case with the Caddo Commission. To date, there have been 5 meetings of the Commission this year; other than the ceremonial first meeting for swearing in the new term, both work sessions and both regular meetings have been entertaining, to say the least! In this short interval major progress has been made for good government; unfortunately the actions of Commission President Matthew Linn have also provided major distractions.

Initially, high praise is due for substantial progress on issues that have stuck in the craw of the majority of informed Caddo citizens: the retirement plan participation by Commissioners (CPERS), the pay raises for Commissioners along with rank and file Commission workers (COLA), and subsidized health insurance for Commissioners and their families. Stuck in crawAt the first regular meeting of the Commission, CPERS and COLA were suspended for 2016 and forward. At the second meeting the Commission voted to require Commissioners to pay full premiums for the Commission health insurance—which due to the size of the group is a bargain compared to individual policy rates.

The last battle to be fought—and undoubtedly it will—deals with the travel/education expenses for Commissioners. Commissioners Matthew Linn, Ken Epperson and Lyndon Read more


$2 Bills, Simple Truths, a Legal Residence & Voter Registration


US-$2-billby Marion Marks

I have a friend who always tries to settle daily accounts with $2 bills, and some merchants laugh at his idiosyncrasy while marking him up as just an “odd duck.” This friend’s pattern certainly goes against public sentiment regarding legal tender, but it breaks no law and often gives those at the cash register a smile or a chuckle. Additionally, we can laugh today and carry on none the worse for knowing him.

However, Caddo Parish administrator, Dr. Woodrow Wilson, even as he has effectively guided Caddo through many potential disasters, faces questions regarding his legal residence and the laws of legally casting a ballot, that are not so lightly written off as just personal eccentricities.

Wilson has admitted he is in violation of state voter law. And, in admitting that he takes Read more