–Discussion Items/Readings– District Attorney Race 2015


Election 2015
Election season is upon us and candidates, at least for the office of Caddo District Attorney, will be provided a forum to present themselves in writing and address issues that reflected their positions and qualifications to serve citizens. The next Caddo Parish District Attorney will have large shoes to fill following Charles Rex Scott.

The following reading material cover issues that spark questions candidates should be qualified to address:

Caddo Sheriff frustrated by failure to prosecute public officials by DA
Compare Caddo to East Baton Rouge Parish DA message
State Attorney General on prosecution of local officials
The Prosecutor who could save Baltimore
Obama’s remarks to NAACP after Baltimore
Putting the RIGHT Drug Criminals in Jail (sentencing issues)
Louisiana Identity Theft Laws

Immigration Issues locally & the elderly opposition
The Burden of Crime and Incarceration on America’s Poor
Reducing Urban Violence: Lessons from Medellín, Colombia
Republicans Join Fight To Reduce Prison Terms For Drug Crimes
Calibrating Law Enforcement and Its Purpose
Law and Justice – Can we Scare People Straight?
How digital technology can reduce prison incarceration rates
The Importance of a “Sense of Justice”
 Caddo District Attorney Office Transformation