Sailing Over the Cliff

flatearth   Ancient mariners, for religion, fear and ignorance, believed the Flat Earth theory handed down from prior generations through the period of discovery of the new world. Today most people understand the concept of gravity and the fact that there is no “Edge” that mariners would find at the boundary of any voyage.

   However, the Fiscal Cliff can be compared to the the voodoo-like curse placed on many citizens. The fear and trepidation many legislators have branded Americans concerning the dangers that exist beyond midnight December 31, 2012 as well as the Oz-like powers that some legislators possess borders on criminal behind the curtain

  “Plan B” and the failure of the Republican leadership compares to the failure of the Church enforcing their published doctrine on the educated populace in Galileo’s lifetime. Many members of the Church understood and sympathized with Galileo, but they lacked the conviction or feared the power of the Church so, in silence, they allowed evil to hold in the persecution of a great mind.

   Plan B was never intended to resemble a great solution, nor a compromise. But the posturing of Republicans can be compared to the Posturing of intellectuals who persecuted Galileo and stood up for the Flat Earth.

   All Republicans fear the right wing power and the retribution it has brought to those who dared speak against its tenants. Midnight New Years Eve will strike and magically many Republicans will gain their lost voices who dared not speak of “Higher Taxes.”

   Those staff members who remain working on the Grand Compromise have the future of much of the world’s economies in their power. They and their bosses are like puppet masters pulling our strings and wringing our souls through the holidays.

Masses in Washington who feel pain!
Masses in Washington who feel pain!

   I don’t know if anyone else feels the anguish that I hear and the pain on the faces of so many who are on the edge financially and emotionally, but the public feels great hurt and disappointment that is demonstrated in national and regional polls. If there were a referendum today that could cleanse Washington of those who manipulate the system, I believe we are ready to take the purgative.

  Honesty and clarity have been the victims of special interests, and there is no end in sight. The public that I have seen are ready to admit we cannot be winners of anything until after midnight of December 31. So let’s remember this the next time there’s a chance to change the system. Wherever Mr. Smith is getting ready to take on the system, we are ready for you, if you have the stomach and the endurance. As Pogo said in a long ago cartoon, “We have met the enemy, and he is us!”Pogo_poster