Forward Award to CB Forgotston & Moon Griffon

Louisiana spokesmen and political activists, CB Forgotston and Moon Griffon, were selected as recipients of the Bob Forward Watchdog Award for public service to citizens of Louisiana in reporting and exposing issues related to the effectiveness of government service. The new award was designed to help recognize private citizens who have communicated successes, as well as failures, of public officials and public programs.

CB Forgotston
CB Forgotston

Recognition of watchdogs who successfully communicate stewardship of public resources, educate voters and provide beneficial data should encourage others citizens get involved and demand more responsible governance. Dwindling revenues, waste and poor management demands greater scrutiny from watchdog citizens and organizations.

Forgotson worked for the Louisiana Legislature for over 13 years. The last seven years of his tenure he was the Chief Counsel for the House Appropriations Committee. He was a Senior Staff Member of the Constitutional Convention of 1973. His blog , and his email newsletter champion and demand better use of public resources.

Griffon hosts a daily statewide radio show that focuses attention on matters of interest to Louisiana citizens in politics, and issues of the day. The awards were presented at Shreveport Music during the 9:00 to 11:00 show from the Shreveport location with Don Teach, owner of Shreveport Music.

Moon Griffon with Don Teach
Moon Griffon with Don Teach at Shreveport Music

Congratulations to both and keep the pressure on to improve the quality of life for future generations.