Milton Cameron Withdraws from Caddo Commission Race

The Caddo District 4 Commissioner’s race just cleared up. One candidate, Milton Cameron, officially withdrew from the contest. As reported previously, we have been working with other investigators and numerous private citizens to disclose violations of incumbents or candidates which the public should be made aware. Criminal records, expense records of incumbents, ties to special interest groups, contract influence or other strong-arm distasteful political activities will be reported prior to the election.After evaluating the issues of the race and potential personal liabilities, Cameron determined to submit to the Louisiana Secretary of State the formal paperwork required to withdraw from the October primary. Confirmation of this filing was made today. Milton Cameron, Democrat, has recently returned to Caddo Parish from Arkansas. He decided that due to potential election regulation issues, it was best to withdraw and establish a stronger position in the community before getting into politics.

There are other races where investigations into candidates will be published as soon as they are completed. The wheels grind slow, but the do grind!