Is the Political Climate Crippling Law Enforcement?

Local politics seems to mirror the muck we have in Washington and Wall Street. Friday Fed Chairman Bernanke said that the Fed “is prepared to employ its tools as appropriate to promote a stronger economic recovery.” (One More Time!) The last few days around here is further evidence that local elected officials, even when presented with what appears to be probable cause to initiate a serious investigation and commence cleaning up areas of abuse of power by others, are paralyzed by fear of the coming elections. Or, perhaps there are other explanations; perhaps problems are even more serious than we believed. We just don’t understand it. Nationally, the two parties resemble these two posters:

But the symbolic statements seem no more than further illustrations of how Bernanke and the President are victims stuck in the paralysis of the hostile political climate of Washington. It appears that the body of “incumbency” has a cancer that has only one cure: Throw the Bums Out!

The public needs explanations of why the promises made at each election cycle seem to be followed by a brief euphoria, and then the elected officials suffer amnesia. We need a sign that on the wall or a mat at the door of each public official’s office that says: “YOU were elected to accomplish something!” So please eat your prunes or whatever and go out and as the old ad says: “Just Do it!” Or, you may be left at the dock…