Hurricane Chris rocks the Louisiana Legislature

Since there were questions about our fair treatment of Rep. Barbara Norton, we wanted to remind our fans of what you may have missed at the “Party” on the floor of the House in Baton Rouge. Never let it be said that we didn’t try to be fair. A permanent video record of a recent performance by Shreveport rapper Hurricane Chris on the floor of the Louisiana Legislature is still making the Internet rounds.If you haven’t seen it previously, well   you just have missed out on …………….. We have a hard time explaining what you haven’t missed out. And then there is the SCREAMING FIT that Ms. Barbara has invoked on the staff and members of many organizations who have not catered to her every whim. And then the SPD members who dare questioned her inability to comply with local code for parade permits, etc.

So, if you REALLY want to see the Ms. Norton protege.. (Go HERE) If not, we’ll see you some other time. Thanks, Ms. Barbara.

Well, as some say, you just “had to be there.”(or not)