Travel Records will be on Parade Soon!

All incumbents who have been taking trips on the public’s dime need to be aware that money is tight. (If you didn’t know it!) That is NOT to criticize teachers and supervisors who go to workshops for two weeks and learn 12-14 hours a day, bring it back and train teachers and students at continuing education programs. We’re talking about elected officials and board members who travel to “Exotic” locations with spouses for 2-3 days or convention, stay a few extra days, on the public’s dime, and then jet back. These will be scrutinized!

And Diamond Charlie, it’s one thing to go for a “trip,” but the beach with a different girl friend – and all on our nickle… You Gotta be kidding! How could you take so many to the beach? And then the Shreveport Hilton bill?? Who’s looking into this? The LA State Police perhaps?

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