Bossier Parish Tax Renewals Questioned

What did we win?by Barry Butler 

I have had several questions about the Bossier Parish tax renewals that are on the ballot for November 8th. The question is, “How is voting for a tax renewal, a tax decrease?”

Because the Bossier Parish Police Jury has raised your taxes, without you being able to vote for or against the taxes twice since you, the voter, approved the rates in 2006. The tax rates you, the voter, approved in 2006 for the Health Unit was .82 mils. The tax rate you, the voter, approved in 2006 for ighway was 1.99 mils.

Tax StressDuring periods of recession, our state constitution allows taxing authorities (Police Juries, city councils, school boards, etc) via Revised Statute 47, Section 1705 to raise your tax rates to Read more

Media Guilty – Suicide Confirmed

advertising-the-backbone-of-journalismby Marion Marks

Reading the Shreveport Times, it’s all too often interesting to evaluate just how much backbone and investigative journalism exists regarding the examination and reporting of local or national issues, particularly noting the long-term annual loss of subscribers and the shrinking small business base. However on Sunday an editorial on the water billing error appeared that gives me hope that the spine and backbone may be returning to the once-proud local paper.

There have been may questions concerning the choice of stories that make the front section and those that never makes it to press. These choices cause long-time subscribers, concerned citizens and news junkies to question the integrity of the Gannett staff, or has it only been the lazy path of least resistance, “not rocking the boat.” Locally Read more

The Gutter Gets Even More Foul

trump-logic-of-time-arguementby Marion Marks

At 9:00 last night I felt like the gutter couldn’t get any fouler, but obviously I was mistaken. The thought of explaining it all as locker room humor” is an embarrassment to coaches and athletes everywhere, because we wouldn’t allow this – EVEN IN A LOCKER ROOM. And, the gutter trash has exceeded my ability to comfortably filter it without feeling I have to bathe in a strong cleaning agent.

I’m EXTREMELY embarrassed for Republicans who will have to explain to their children and grandchildren their responses to this history.

Social drinking gone awry…

Yes, Hillary screwed up her emails, cell phones and the pattern of addressing questions regarding them. But, all that being said, the surface of Trump’s character flaws has barely been scratched. We have met an enemy, and his traits follow a pattern that even Trump has described about other – It can’t be fixed!

From a review in the Opinion pages of the New York Times, the following links have been verified by David Leonhard and the sources linked concerning Trump statements last night:

He lied about a sex tape.

He lied about his lies about ‘birtherism.’

He lied about the growth rate of the American  Read more

Trump Moral Gymnastics Flops

By Marion Marks

After the Donald Trump 2005 video that was as abusive of women as any locker room high school gutter explosion, the Trump campaign appears to have huddled in the back room. Failing to return to speak with the press after multiple discussions today, the feeling is that the “moral” contingency has moved into hibernation until the election is over. The religious right is holding their collective breaths in hopes that the moment might pass. And Paul Ryan is “SICKENED” by Trump’s comments.img_8839

Other than that, the polls will continue to be measures and the down-ticket will distance from the presidential candidate, Trump. Dominoes will continue to be stacked and the chips will “fall where they may.”

Sunday’s presidential debate is in question, but I’m betting that Trump finally admits he made a major screw up. And, since Trump made his record more transparent on his history of the treatment of women, the women’s vote may move like the tides of Hurricane Matthew, over the tidal barriers. Hurricane Trump may move further out to sea, and America and the Republican Party might admit we dodged a potential nightmare.

Voting to Burn Down Our Home

Make America...
Make America What Again?

by Marion Marks

Linking Donald Trump to public anger is a clear parallel that demonstrates that national sentiment against anyone in elected office and frustration with the status quo of government today. The ease with which Trump harnesses anger parallels the 1968 Nixon campaign, rallying “Ignored Americans” who supported a governmental crack down on dissidents, blacks and hippies. Nixon convinced white voters that, left unchecked, the radicals were coming to burn down their homes.

Richard NixonThe 1969 “Troubled American” issue of Newsweek based many articles on the results of their commissioned Gallup Poll that measured the sentiment of the white majority. Today the numbers may also be comparable to what they found:

  • 56% supported the government crackdown by the government
  • 85% of whites felt that black militants were getting off too easily
  • 65% felt that unemployed blacks were more likely to get Read more

When Good Men Do Nothing, Evil Triumphs…

edmund-burke-good-men-evil-succeedsby Marion Marks

You would expect that Donald Trump couldn’t keep doing the same thing, behaving the same, denying the state of affairs as he explains history and expect the public to change their perception of him. Certainly problems of his opponent make his record less troubling to supporters.

But, the truth is that there are no other politicians who have the history of corruption, double-dealing, and fraud that Donald Trump has clearly established. The record, including court documents, deserves more articles that detail staggering data will appear before November. This is a partial list of Trump tragedies that would each cripple a normal candidate:

Caddo Parish Gave Away GM Plant

Caddo Parish-hope-in-our-handsby Marion Marks

Everyone, including the Caddo Commissioners, has been re-examining the transactions regarding the General Motors plant and how & why we don’t have any manufacturing jobs at the plant. There is a clear chain that all should understand. Here is the Cliff Note version of how the transactions transpired in the 2013 give-away of the facility. But it all started at the 2013 meeting and the clear facts start at 1:49:00 of this video. You have to start at this point to see the key discussion of the GM give-away.  

  1. Racer sold to Shreveport Business Park[IRG Subsidiary 100% owned by Stuart Lichter] who in turn sold it to IDB.   However, before doing so they granted Elio the right to mtg. the fixtures, equipment, etc. and the right to have access and remove the equipment.
  2. The IDB executed the landlord waiver and access agreement after they purchased the property.
  3. All of the following documents were recorded on Dec. 27,2013. 
  4. Quit Claim Deed from Racer to Shreveport Business Park LLC  bk. 4713 page 469  at 3:41 pm 
  5. Landlord Waiver and Access Agreement to Elio at 3:51 p.m. 
  6. Quit Claim Deed from Shreveport Business Park to IDB    bk.4713  page 594   @  3:54 pm 
  7. Landlord Waiver and Access Agreement which the IDB executed at 4:03 pm  (instrument number 2486687). [Here is a link to all Sales documents]

The 2013 act, ORDINANCE NO. 5330 OF 2013, creating the industrial Development Board of the Parish of Caddo(IDB), was slowed on two votes by Commissioners Stephanie Lynch, Matthew Linn and Lyndon Johnson, but finally approved, with the same dissenting votes.[Video at 1:49:00][The ordinance-supplements & explanation]

Never has so much authority regarding Caddo Parish industrial development been put in the hands of a single non-elected official. Even though the elected commissioners were asked to approve many of Wilson’s actions, at no time were the commissioners ever offered access to all documents without demands or Read more