Trina Chu is expected to be a Spoiler in the October Elections


John Settle-Opinion-May 2015As candidates for local and state offices jostle back and forth like hungry kids at an ice cream party to be first in line, the real surprise at the party could very well be a stealth candidate like Trina Chu. The political upstart surprised the political world last fall when she declared at virtually the last minute as a candidate for Caddo District Judge against Charles Tutt. And she may be back up to her old tricks again in the upcoming races in the October primary.

Trina Chu Family
     Trina Chu Family

Chu’s judicial campaign faced many many challenges from the get go. An immigration lawyer by trade, she was hardly known in legal circles much less the community at large. Chu ran as a Democrat; Tutt was a Republican running in a Republican district. Chu had moved to Shreveport only 10 years ago; Tutt was a lifelong Shreveport resident. And Tutt had nailed down the endorsements of most attorneys and political leaders Read more

Mutual Respect Between All Citizens and the Limited Power Granted to Govern

Mark Rogers Candidate Caddo DA
Mark Rogers
Candidate Caddo DA

By Mark Rogers

Earlier this week on the campaign trail…

“You ain’t black Mr. Rogers, and you ain’t never gonna know.”

I was drinking Big Red, eating chicken tenders, and talking to a man named Abe in a tire shop on MLK.

“You ain’t black and you don’t know what it’s like to hear authority refer to the people in your neighborhood as animals. And assume anyone white here is buying drugs. Read more

Stewart’s Defense Avoids Important Question for Voters

John Settle-Opinion-May 2015The questions my lawsuit raises has not been answered by pleadings filed by attorneys for James Stewart. And it is obvious that Stewart and his supporters do not want to answer them for Caddo voters.

Stewart publicly declared his candidacy for Caddo District Attorney on August 13. On August 8 Stewart sent a letter to the chief judge of the Louisiana Supreme Court advising that he would retire as a Second Circuit Judge on September 6.

The Code of Judicial Conduct addresses what a judge must do when he becomes a candidate for a non-judicial office (like DA)—stating that the judge shall resign[letter of resignation]. The legal question is whether or not Stewart should resign immediately—like on Read more

Reclaiming OUR justice system

Lee Harville Candidate for Caddo DA
Lee Harville
Candidate for Caddo DA

by Lee Harville

Recently the Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office and the entire criminal justice process in Caddo Parish has come under harsh criticism from local and national media.  There have been questions concerning the use of the death penalty in Caddo Parish. There also have been questions concerning the removal of blacks from juries in Caddo Parish.

No matter how you view this coverage, one thing is clear.  The next Caddo Parish District Attorney must be a leader.  He or she must demand a staff and an office that is objective, open, and transparent in dealing with the public, with victims, with law enforcement, with defense attorneys, and with defendants.

objective_checklistPreviously, I have stated that I would employ an open, detailed, and regular procedure when deciding whether to seek the death penalty.  The same objective process will be used when deciding how to prosecute cases.  This process will ensure that there is no rush to judgment.  It will ensure that back-door deals by connected attorneys do Read more

Councilman James Flurry Makes Right Call to Stay on City Council

James FLurry, City Councilman will stay on job!
James Flurry, City Councilman
will stay on job!

by John Settle, opinion

Just like an outstanding employee with a large company who gets promptly promoted, elected officials who prove their worth by good statesmanship and exemplary representation of their constituency can almost always expect involved citizens to push them to run for a higher office—and for good reason. Election of tried and true citizens who have had political experience generally leads to better elected officials—at least there is a track record to measure past performance.

Even though Shreveport City Councilman James Flurry only assumed office in December of last year, its no surprise that he was urged by many to “move on up” in the political arena. The House District 7 seat is open this Fall; the current representative Richard Burford is seeking to fill the Senate seat that will be vacated by Sherri Read more

Judge James Stewart Not Available on Court Website

imageby Marion Marks

Obviously the Second Circuit Court of Appeal did not take Judge James Stewart’s decision to run for Caddo District Attorney lightly, even though he dated his resignation is not effective until September 6. The official website of the court has removed a link[this is how it was earlier today] to Judge Stewart’s personnel page and no page is visible with his name other than a dead link.

Litigation filed in Caddo District Court is making the rounds of judging in hopes of getting a hearing. At this point all judges presented with the case have recused themselves. More will certainly come for the litigation filed challenging Judge Stewart’s resignation, effective September 6, even though he has already Read more

Family Repair Court

Mark Rogers Candidate Caddo DA
Mark Rogers
Candidate Caddo DA

#1 Priority: Domestic Violence

by Mark Rogers

Years ago when I was a public defender in Caddo, I was walking into court and two tough looking dudes were walking out. One elbowed the other and said, “Yo, you’re Mr. Rogers, right?” “Yes. Do I know you?” “You were my lawyer.” “Are you pissed off?” “Naw, man! I’m out of jail! I’m just paying the fine! We’re straight!”

So you’re out of jail. Do you want to know how to stay out of jail?”

Yeah man!” He elbows his friend, “How you stay out of jail?”

Don’t drink, stay away from crazy women. You fellows do that, and the odds of you going to jail reduce by about 98%”

Domestic Violence-he says it wont happen againThe guy slapped his buddy’s back and yelled, “I TOLD YOU MR. ROGERS KEEPS IT REAL!”

And right now we really need to change our approach on domestic violence. Really.

The criminal justice system is a big whirl-pool drain that sucks people in, and Read more