Memorial Day Reflections & Presidential Candidates

John McCain Returns from Prisoner of war camp
John McCain Returns from Prisoner of war camp

by Marion Marks

In 1968, Donald Trump was a 21 years old, handsome college student with a full head of hair. The Vietnam War draft was never an issue on his way to earning an Ivy League degree. Trump’s life was fancy dinners, beautiful women and outrageous night clubs. His job in his father’s real estate company consisted of creating money-making ideas that would make him a billionaire. John McCain sat in a tiny North Vietnamese prison cell, a broken US Air Force pilot whose plane crashed. He lay starving and suffering from a series of botched operations and months of torture. Today, Donald Trump judges John McCain harshly.

Trump’s comments on McCain, “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured, I like people that weren’t captured.” If this isn’t pitiful unpatriotic pandering, we have to reconsider what our heroes really must endure.

Trump graduates college
Trump graduates college

Trump’s heroes are role models who worship money and power. “Two of the people I admired most and who I kind of studied for the way they did things were the great Flo Ziegfeld, the Broadway producer, Read more

Trump’s Ultimate Contrived Stunt

Donald-Wolf knocking(sm)Historical Interpretation of the Trump Strategy

by Marion Marks

The “ultimate contrived stunt” might be the Daniel Boorstin1 interpretation of the manner in which Donald Trump managed his campaign to become the leader and presidential candidate of the Republican Party. The Trump methodology of employing his brand of reality show in the real world demonstrated an implementation of feeding the news cycle that other candidates failed to leverage. Every step along the way, using primaries and caucuses Trump found how poorly prepared his opposition was and how an eager electorate, with the assistance of the media, devoured his message as news addicts. Trump static, referred to here as “Trumpland”, has swamped the airwaves since his announcement to run and other candidates fight to create blips in the news cycle. As the video indicates,“Whether it’s Fox or MSNBC or CNN you can’t tell the difference… it’s All Trump, All the time!”

My house of straw-Jeb-Ted-MarioNever has so little conquered so much since the Big Bad Wolf wiped out the House of Straw. Trump blew through candidate straw houses of Republican rivals and they collapsed with a mild breath. Trump cast recognizable and publicly accepted tags, always denigrating, on each candidate designed to cast scorn and ridicule. And as each was singled out, the others, not believing or recognizing that they would be next, waited patiently, unable to withstand the wolf’s putrid breath.

Jeb Bush was “weak” or “low-energy.” Rand Paul took early hits from Trump, as Trump tweeted, “Truly weird Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky reminds me of a spoiled brat without a properly functioning brain. He was terrible at DEBATE!”

Carly Fiorina was labeled with a slight that all women should have risen with horror when Trump stated, “look at that face!” Ben Carson assisted Trump with his own description in his auto­biography. Trump picked up Read more

Need for Repetitive Encouragement

Duke Edwards-campaignby Marion Marks

Habits become ingrained as the result of repetitive patterns reinforced by positive signals. Students succeed most easily when instructors, mentors or peers provide praise or rewards that psychologists compare to Pavlov’s dog experiments. The public reaction to political actions or “pandering” is often quite the same.

Louisiana’s “Election from Hell” as Charles M. Blow labels it was clearly a Pavlov occasion for Louisiana citizens, because “Voting for the Crook” became the only viable option for people with a conscience. The ease with which Republicans lined up behind an avowed Nazi shocked those who were students of political history in the state. And the divisive camps too closely resembled what later was described in the New York Times, “Duke remains a window into some of the murkier currents in the state’s politics”.

Racist David Duke
Racist David Duke

Repeating the word “Encouragement” is a simple way of training voters to understand the ease with which we often drift back Read more

The Democrapublican & the New Candidate Creationism

Water Runs UphillA liberal is a person who believes that water can be made to run uphill. A conservative is someone who believes everybody should pay for his water. I’m somewhere in between: I believe water should be free, but that water flows downhill.” –Theodore White

by Marion Marks

If Donald Trump is a student of history and secretly a reader of political prose or perhaps even biography, he may not so secretly be channeling his campaign along a path akin to John F. Kennedy. Following this theory should initially draw scorn from serious students of politics, but consider the 1960 race from the standpoint of the one writer who had the ring-side seat and proved accurate over time, Theodore White, author of numerous The Making of President volumes.

JFK-Marilyn MonroeAlso consider the “Playboy” image of JFK for his time versus how it later was proven versus the Trump established history versus all the allegations in play. These theories alone give pause to consider the possibility that Trump may even be playing the Kennedy images far better than even his toughest critics consider causing him.

In 1956 Theodore White was a struggling writer for Collier’s, and was on the campaign trail following Estes Kefauver through the early primaries. In these days, the  Read more

Dangerous Nuclear Weapons – Trump v. World

Atomic_bombing_of_Japanby Marion Marks

Marketing Donald Trump in today’s political climate is like marketing nuclear bombs to third world countries. The fear of what may happen if they get “the bomb” must be weighed against the rationalization of a greedy salesman who has a lengthy record of “What’s in it for me?”

Watching the Republican Party hierarchy step in line behind Trump closely resembles the tragic march many Louisiana Republicans took as they lined up behind David Duke in the 1991 governor’s race against Edwin Edwards. Political expediency bought their souls for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver. Fortunately the white establishment Republican vote was crushed by a coalition who found a common voice in “Vote for the Crook”.Duke Edwards-campaign

It would be easy to write it off as just politics, but Louisiana remains is the laughing stock of the nation for the ease with which we elect and promote buffoons who are later revealed for the clowns they always were. Records prove still-sitting senator David Vitter as a diaper-wearing Read more

DJ Trump – Entertainer Extraordinaire

Sideshow Don
Badly misjudged!

By Marion Marks

Donald J Trump (DJ Trump) has never been accused of being an average entertainer or a Ring Master incapable of organizing “The Greatest Show on Earth!” However, taking the show from the big top or a major entertainment venue to the world stage for DJ Trump will requires some slight of hand that would challenge world-class Magicians, even a Houdini.

DJ Trump’s entertainment successes have always marveled TV critics and his ability to draw a crowd or an audience speaks volumes as far as monetizing the audience when entertainment is the principle issue. Now that Trump has risen to the level of being the “Presumptive” Republican candidate for president of the United States, it’s time that he be required to put flesh and muscle on the skeleton of plans he has for managing the presidential office, real names and concrete programs on the agenda for November’s election and a potential victory. Also, just what’s the story of the required income tax filings?Circus-Ha Suckers

No longer will whipping crowds into a frenzy with one-liners or course ridicule of Republican contenders meet the level beyond getting convention votes. The “Presumptive” Democratic nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton (HR Clinton), is a far more serious and solid campaigner and holder of the “Woman card.” And, for this, block voters of women and Read more

Pruning Dead Wood & Public Corruption

Pecan Tree Shaker-01
Shaking for nuts!

by Marion Marks

Understanding how “the system works” in terms of investigating, prosecuting and convicting public officials who abuse the public’s trust is often like tending a pecan orchard. With every good intention of electing citizens who will be true to their oath of service, we seasonally listen to candidates who chose to run for office, work in some campaigns and finally vote in hopes of electing the best qualified candidate to serve in making the community a little better at accomplishing the tasks required.

Too many citizens focus all their energy on electing a candidate, when in reality, although little can be accomplished by the unelected, the real work begins after the election. Just as planting a pecan tree does not guarantee you will have pecans, we all to often have found that elected officials all too often fail to accomplish most of the items they plan and also fail to live up to the oaths they swear.

Lots of nuts to be had
Lots of nuts to be had

Shreveport and Caddo Parish have too long been step children to south Louisiana, and the expectation that solutions will grow for the state from seed planted here is practically non-existent. South Louisiana easily forgets that Huey Long, for all his faults, began his political career in Shreveport. And many other pivotal Read more